Welcome to Love Dale Residential School

Situated on a beautiful hilly area, just 4 km away from Attingal town, Love Dale Residential School provides an ideal campus for learning and general development of students

About Love Dale Residential School

A school with a difference, a new beacon of light. At Love Dale Residential School every schild shall be moulded into independent, self reliant, responsible citizen with competitive skill to meet the challenges of the outside world. From the school assembly in the morning, through the teaching learning process, to the co-curricular activities, it is a unique educational experience to the pupils. The school is dedicated to the task of imparting a full disciplined, liberal and comprehensive education to both boys and girls so that they may strive for excellence in every field.

Pupils' progress assessment, parent teacher meetings and teachers' orientation classes are also held regularly. The school lays great stress on discipline and good manners among the pupils. The new and well balanced education strategy is implemented to develop a generation capable of meeting the demand of today's world .